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Are you embarrassed with your low secretion of semen? Are you frustrated with your unsuccessful sexual life? Have you ever tried to know the reason behind it, might be not.

There are millions of people who are suffering from some kind of sexual problem or disorders.  But this is a kind of problem that is not easy disclosed or share with anyone. Your sexual life is harmed by many reasons such as short penis size, low and weak erection, uncontrolled ejaculation, low quantity of secretion and impotency.

These are the problems that are needed to be dissolved as soon as possible because if you keep on ignoring it may effect you dramatically. One of the most important things for your sexual life is your secretion of semen. Every man would like to have the secretion as porn stars but very few of us have the same. Well there are many pills and devices that are claimed to be improve your secretion power and quantity and one of the best products for the seminal and sexual enhancement is Performer5.


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About Performer5-

In the market of sexual health, here is a unique product Performer5 to provide you increased secretion same as you see with porn stars. Performer5 is an outstanding product in the male health market and has unique benefits for the sexual haggard men.

It is a boon for those men who are searching for the best product to improve their sexual power, penile size and potency for ejaculation. Performer5 not only boost up your ejaculation and secretion with 500% but also it helps to increase your erection power, enhance sexual appetite, increase confidence on bed and maximizes virility.

The best thing about the performer5 is that it provides instant results and you don’t have to wait for months and year to see the results. It is advised by the manufacturer of Performer5 that to get best results out of the product you need to have the pills regularly for about 4-6 weeks. You will get to see the perfect results after the consumption of Performer5 for the prescribed weeks and then after its on you to use it further to use it or not. Perfromer5 is the pure herbal and natural pill and is safe for human consumption.

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Performer5 Ingredients-

The ingredients of the Performer5 are 100% pure and herbal. Every pill of Performer5 consist of balanced amount of ingredients such as Zinc Aspartate and Zinc Gluconate at 150mg which is a great male enhancer. L-Arginine of 500mg, Muira Pauma of 300mg, Pomegranate Ellagic Acid 70% which is also a natural Viagra, DL- Malic Acid of 100mg, L- Glycine of 100mg, Beta Glucans of 20mg, Creatine Monohydrate of 35mg, Mucuna Pruriens Extract of 25mg, Alpha Glucosidase of 25mg, Nettle Leaf Powder of 10mg and DMAE Bitartrate of 5mg.

Perfromer5 Features & Benefits-

 Here are some unique features and benefits of the Performer5,

  • It consists of 11 essential amino acids to increase ejaculation.
  • Pomegranate Ellagic Acid is included for hard and strong erection.
  • Unique formula for better sexual power formulated by scientists and clinical researches.
  • Dual combination system for better sexual health.
  • 90 pills box which is more than any other male enhancement pills in the market.
  • Powerful 180 days risk free trail guarantee for money back.
  • 1500mg per servings which is a massive amount.
  • Free shipping for orders.


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  • One of the most powerful ejaculation formulas ever formed.
  • Formed with pure and herbal ingredients with high quality.
  • Perfect intense orgasm that ends last longer.
  • 500% more powerful and large ejaculation.
  • Hard and strong erection.
  • Enhance your potency level.
  • Increased quantity of ejaculation.
  • Five times more secretion amount of semen.
  • Sexual performance same as porn stars.
  • Increased confidence in bedroom.

Performer5 Reviews-

The reviews for the Performer5 are very good and sensible. Performer5 is been the best and leading male enhancement pills and high ejaculation for past several years. The reason behind the raised popularity of Performer5 is that men are also realizing the importance of male enhancement and they also know that the use of male devices and prescribed pills are useless and it could harm their sexual health also therefore they are searching for the herbal pills. The search for the herbal pills for male enhancement ands up at Performer5. The other reason for it is also that Perfromer5 is the 100% pure and natural pills and consist of strong and remarkable ingredients that are known for their benefits in sexual health.

Performer5 Prices & Offers-

The manufacturer of the Performer5 is offering unique and valuable benefits along with the affordable price. Here are the price list and offers of the Performer5.

-  One month supply is for $68.95 and you get free Performer5 essential nutrients

- Two month supply is for $124.95, you save $13 and you get free PenisHealth Ejaculation Control DVD with best penis exercises.

- Three month supply is for $174.95, you save $32 and you get all of the above along with a free box of Male Extra.

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- Four month supply is for $214.95, you save $61 and you get all of above along with DVD of seductive massage and DVD of Real Sex for Real People.

- Five month supply is for $244.95, you save $100 and you get all of above along with Lovecentria – Ultimate sex guide.

- Six month supply is for $264.95, you save $149 and get same as five month supply.

- Twelve month supply is for $378.95, you save $449 and you get all of above along with a free box of Performer5.

The shipment charges for every order are free. The manufacturer also offer 180 days risk free trail of Performer5 and if get unsatisfied with the results of it then your 100% money will be paid back. It is the unbelievable offers.

Performer5 Testimonials-

“My girlfriend is really into the whole foods thing and natural cures.  She is the one who ordered Performer5 for me because she said that my sperm tasted funny and it was probably because of my bad diet.  Anyway, I took the pills and was surprised that they actually did something.  Within a week of taking Performer5, my penis started getting throbbing hard during sex and even when masturbating.  This benefit is even better than the crazy orgasms I get.  After this, I am also a fan of the natural route.  Yes, I will make a testimonial for Performer5 because this stuff is awesome.” – Jackson, 29

“I read about Performer5 in a men’s magazine when they said porn stars use it to make impressive money shots.  It got me thinking about semen and whether supplements or drugs could actually change the amount of semen men make.  I was surprised by all the research I read which talked about how male fertility is going down because of poor health.  That is what got me to purchase Performer5.  I am very happy that I did as my penis gets very firm now during stimulation (I am 52 so this is no small feat!) and my ejaculation volume seems to have doubled.  It also takes me much less time to get erect again.  I feel like I am in my 20s again with these supplements.” – Richard, 52

“My wife and I had been trying to conceive for 2 years without any luck.  The doctor said she was fine but my sperm analysis showed that I had a low count and motility.  The clinic specialist recommended taking zinc.  When I read about Performer5 and its main ingredient being zinc, I decided to try it.  My orgasm size immediately improved.  I am happy to say now that we have a lovely young daughter.” – Daniel, 34

Performer5 Scam-

With so many reviews, testimonials, affordable price and offers and most important risk free trial and money back guarantee it is worthless to believe on any kind of Performer5 scam. A product which offers you more than a month guarantee period then it is obvious that it has effectiveness to prove itself. Therefore without wasting time you must straight away order the Performer5 for yourself.

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